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Enrique Dauner, Barcelona, im VDH-Forum zur Geschichte von Nemrod:

Nemrod was grounded by Juan Vilarrubis, his brother and Mr. Sagues after the spanish Civil War (1939) and the first name of the industry was "Vilarrubís y Sagués". At that time, his small workshops made only toys (very popular) for the spanish children of this very difficult years. The name changed to Nemrod some years later.
Juan Vilarrubís and Eduardo Admetlla (now 86, still diving and a good friend of me) were enthusiasts of the spearfishing sport and at the end of the forties they spent all the free time at the Costa Brava (about 120 km north from Barcelona). One day, during one of his frequent visits to the french city of Perpignan (about 170 km from Barcelona), Juan Vilarrubis bought a revolutionay invention that he has seen at a sports store: an Aqualung. He bought the tank full at 150 bar and a brand new CG45. The next weekend, he and Eduardo Admetlla explored the underwater world of Cadaqués with the new invention.

After that experience, Villarubis tried to import the Aqualung in Spain to sale it via Nemrod. But then (and this is VERY important) he realized that La Spitotechnique has patented the Aqualung (CG45) in France, Germany, USA and other countries, but not in Spain (the poor neighbor in the south). At that time it was very difficult to import foreign material in Spain, and Juan Vilarrubis took the simpliest way: he bought a lot of CG45 in France, introduced them in Spain every weekend as "personal sport equipment", and then changed the label at his workshop of Nemrod in Barcelona (calle Sagrera, 44). But not only this, he patented the CG45 in Spain! (Years later, La Spirotechnique tried to export regulators to Spain and coulnd't do it beaucuse the CG45 was protected with a "spanish patent"). In fact, if you look at the label of the "relabeled CG45", you will see the word "Patentado". I have to add that there was never a good friendship between J. Vilarrubís and J.Y. Cousteau ...
Also, the first "Nemrod" regulators are nothing more than "relabeled" CG45's.

After this peculiar beginning, the Nemrod engineers developed the CG45 to a new regulator made really in Barcelona: the ASTERIA. Asteria was the name of a diving mask and a snorkel made also by Nemrod.

Around 1953, Nemrod introduced bigger improvements in his regulator and created a new model: the V-2. But, why this name? Juan Vilarrubis was not only a good diver but also a pilot that flyed his own Cessna from the "Aeroclub Barcelona-Sabadell". As pilot, he admired also the german aeronautical developments of WWII and specially the last rockets designed by Werner von Braun to destroy England: V-2.
Years later, Werner von Braun designed also the Saturn V that put the first men on the Moon. And Nemrod introduced his best single hose regulator: Saturn V.
At the same time as the V-2, Nemrod developed his first single hose regulator (very similar to the Aquamatic from Spiro). This new regulator came to the spanish market at the end of 1959 with the name of "Asteria II", but soon changed it for "Snark II" beaucuse the name Asteria had some problems for exportation and "Snark" was not registred in the international market.

Now I hope that you understand why the first popular Nemrod double hose has the name of "Snark III" and the first singlehose was the "Snark II". The "Snark I" never existed....

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