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Entwickler der Reglerstufe ist Michael Story, Burleson Texas, genannt Oldmossback

Dan, VSS

It is to be used with the existing US Divers AquaMaster or Royal AquaMaster parts and the main purpose of this new body is to supply the much needed auxiliary high pressure and low pressure ports that so many people like to have on their regulator.

The new body is machined from solid brass and is three inches in diameter and approximately 3/4 inch thick (the portion that is visible on the outside of the regulator).
There are four LP ports and one HP port- all positioned so that you can run your underwater pressure gauge, BC hose and back up regulator in the traditional fashion.
Michael designed this new body to use currently available AquaLung Titan parts and parts from your original AquaMaster body. The Titan parts include a modern 3000-4000 psi rated yolk and fully balanced 1st stage with new spring block and Teflon high pressure seat. The second stage parts including low pressure seat and seat holder, horseshoe lever, locks, etc are original AquaMaster.

The unit is designed as a kit and so the purchaser will be responsible for obtaining the needed parts and assembling the unit. As I understand, each "kit" will come with the main body, a tank yolk and first stage push pin. He may supply all the first stage parts depending on if a source can be found.

My pre-production unit (stamped "Patent Pending #5") arrived unchromed but I believe the production ones will be fully chromed and polished. Upon assembly, the first problem I had was a poor fit of the top box to the body. One aligning tab cut out on the body was a little off and so I had to take out the Dremel and grind a little for a proper fit. Michael has assured me that this problem with be solved in the production units. Overall the machining is very clean and clearly a lot of time and thought has gone into this project. After that, assembling the regulator was pretty straightforward with little difficulty.

In the water, it breathed with the best of them, giving large volumes of air with low breathing resistance. Since it's basically a Royal AquaMaster with added ports, you can be assured of an excellent design and high reliability.


Note to all: Dan's comment concerning the alignment tab notches has been corrected. This correction was made by increasing the diameter of the drill bit and recentering so the actual notch was of larger circumference (sp) of those issues with prototypes that come up........I understand the other evaluator did not have this alignment problem, however I had my machinest make the adjustments anyway....

These kits should be available in Nov or Dec. These are DIN compatable for the Titan Yoke-DIN converter, available from your local AL LDS or you can use the screw-in DIN valve button, which is available also from Single Star Republic.

Advantages of this unit are: DIN compatiable, 4 LP ports useable, 1 HP port useable, height is nominal vs the RAM w original HP nozzle, IE: will fit between a standard backpac and the tank. Clean, uncluttered look to the total regulator.

Terry/Duckbill, VSS 2009

The Mossback Mk3 regulator he sent me is a beautiful piece of kit. It is designed to replace both the body and nozzle of a DAAM or RAM. It uses the replaceable HP hard seat used in the USD Titan regulator. All of the internals of the RAM 1st and 2nd stages can simply be swapped over to the Mk3, though it is advisable to use a new HP seat upon initial assembly. I understand that new HP nozzle internal parts may be available as an option upon purchase.

One of the main advantages of this regulator over the original USD designs is the presence of one HP and four LP ports. Their positioning seems very well thought out, with the HP port positioning the SPG down and to the left, and one LP port out to the left, one at about 11 o'clock, one out to the right, and another down to the right. The LP ports are standard 3/8", and the HP port is 7/16" to accomodate standard modern HP hoses.

This regulator only adds about 1/8" to the length of the assembled regulator as compared to a RAM. My best measurements from the back of the top can to the face of the nozzle show the RAM as being 1.21", and the Mk3 as 1.34", for an approximate difference of .130" (.125" being 1/8"). Photos below will show how each fits within a backpack.

The Mk3 weighs nearly one pound heavier than the body/nozzle of a RAM or DAAM, so the diver can go a pound lighter around his waist.

The IP holds consistently rock solid at the recommended 135-140 psi with a good 2nd stage spring. It breathed exceptionally well, on a par with, if not better than, a Royal AM. I was able to dive it to 50+ ft and noticed no difference from it's excellent shallow water breathing characteristics.

As a USD double hose regulator improvement which is compatible with backpack diving and yet able to satisfy the auxiliary air source requirements of most dive boat operators, the Mossback Mk3 gets a big four out of four flippers vote from this evaluator. My hat's off to Michael Story for coming through with a superb design. He has kept me abreast of the Mk3's development from concept to prototype to test model. I respect his steady devotion to the project and his determination in seeing it through. I look forward to seeing the finished products being used by divers very soon. I am certain the proud owners will be exceedingly pleased with their brand new Mossback Mk3 regulators.

Mossback, 2009 Scubaboard

This unit has 4 useable LP ports, this means all can be used at the same time for various requirements. Plus one HP port. I believe the Phoenix only has 3 LPs and also 3 HP ports.........and not all can be used at the same time.

The length of the Phoenix precludes its use with DIN, per Louis Hero's own words. The reg would push too deep into the divers back for comfort. The Mk3 can be used with a DIN and is in fact short enough to use between a standard hard backpac found on many bc's and the tank valve..........which means a diver can wear the tank low.

For the many questions:
The Mk 3 advantages are thus: DIN compatiable with a AL Titan Yoke-to-DIN adapter and still fit between the tank valve and the back of the diver. This short height from can to nozzle lip also allows the Mk3 to be used with a yoke on many standard hard backpac's with the tank low on the back.

The Mossback hookaport adapter nut, I designed 3 years ago to use with a splitter, is no longer needed as the hookaport is gone in this design. This unit has 4 useable LP ports, 2 on the right side for octo and drysuit, one BC offset on top and one on the left for whatever is needed. One HP SPG port on the left that is 7/16 for the modern spg hose.......I could put more LP and HP ports in, but I do not see the need for this for Sport Diving

Upgrade to a Modern Doublehose Regulator
Several months ago I posted a question whether there was an interest in a new Modern double hose regulator and what refinements that would entail. I received many replies and consolidated these into a determination of a good product.

I have, for the last two years, been working on the heart of a new regulator and through this effort I have a prototype 1st stage housing that presently is compatible with the RAM and DA. This is not my final design however, as this prototype, I call the Mk 3, will morph into a different unit, the Mk 4, that is not compatible with the RAM or DA. Note: I have a patent pending for the Mk3 for a couple of unique ideas, however , the core of the piece is conventional.

I first dove the first Mk 3 modified RAM prototype, in June of this year, and it is currently being tested by a reputable supplier of vintage equipment and another trusted evaluator.

In the coming months there is soon to be an available drop-in 1st stage unit replacement kit! This will be an assemble yourself kit, (or have a qualified dive repair station do this for you). It changes the appearance of the RAM's and DA's slightly, providing what is considered a more clean and modern configuration. Yoke-to-DIN compatible, there are no clocking problems as the 4 LP ports and 1 HP port are fixed in place. This design, patent pending, is specifically to upgrade the USD double hose regulators from vintage to Modern specifications. Measured from the can surface to the nozzle lip, this unit is only .028 inches longer than the original RAM 1st stage housing including the original balanced nozzle.

This offer is not just addressing the vintage diver as the Phoenix nozzle has proven to handle their needs quiet well. This post is mainly for the regular modern diver and especially divers in England, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and other countries with divers who have or would like to have a acceptable Modern configuration double hose regulator that meets the current requirements for diving from charter boats with their scuba clubs, etc.

These photos of the second test dive show this unit as well as the photo of the 1st working prototype on a steel 71.2 cu ft tank. Note: this unit is approved up to 232 bar.

Final testing, evaluations are underway now. Keep watch for reports coming soon from the forum at Vintage Scuba

The first 10 units will be sold as “Buy Now”on Ebay UK, AU and Canada, or you can buy direct from Single Star Republic. I hope to have these ready by Nov. or Dec.

Cost will be $245.00 per kit. Kit includes: 1st stage body, yoke, yoke nut, all HP internal parts, IP parts. You supply the IP spring, nut, adjustment nut, lever and parts, 2nd stage barrel, spring and seat off your regulator.

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